Fernanda Torós, PhD

Founder, WeSpline

ChengXiang Zhai, PhD

Adviser, WeSpline

From a Business Perspective:


By building a Community of Users, we aim to foster business and the development and spread of Innovation across the globe.

For Enterprises, it will be cheaper, quicker, and more efficient for them to discover and learn about a given technology / innovation through WeSpline and seize opportunities of collaboration that may otherwise be missed.


Startups / Innovative Companies will have the opportunity to get exposed to hundreds of Enterprises around the world. Enterprises will be able to learn about their businesses, products/services, and founding partners. Also, it will be easier for Startups to find and contact the "right" investors, i.e., those investors who have a particular focus on their sectors and locations.  

Investors, on the other hand, will be able to better identify and follow up on investment opportunities, especially if they happen to be in different geographies.

Service Providers will be able to reach potential clients more easily and be reached by them as well.

Hubs will also benefit from this interaction. Accelerators will be able to better advertise their Special Programs for Startups and Entrepreneurs, and spread the word about the technologies that they help build. Universities – students and researchers – will be able to take Challenges from Enterprises and develop tailor-made solutions for the Industry. They will also be able to find partners and sponsors in the Industry for their own projects and new technologies. This will hopefully bring tech transfer from Academia to the Industry to a whole new level."

From a Technological Perspective:

WeSpline is an innovative Social Network that is different from the current ones in two ways:


(1st) WeSpline is a business-oriented social network with a main focus on linking companies instead of just individuals; indeed companies are the “first-class citizens” in WeSpline, which is in sharp contrast with individuals as the “first-class citizens” in virtually all the current social network.


(2nd) Communication functions provided by WeSpline are primarily to serve a business purpose, making WeSpline a “task-driven social network.” As such, the main benefit of WeSpline is to optimize the efficiency of business and facilitate business communications, whereas most existing social networks are meant to accommodate communications between individuals or between companies and individuals.


As a business-support Social Network, WeSpline provides its users with multiple novel intelligent functions by leveraging the state of the art technology in Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, and Machine Learning. Specifically, intelligent semantic search technology enables flexible and effective exploration of relevant companies to engage in business; semantic understanding of company profiles and challenges will enhance state of the art recommender system technology to provide accurate matching of tech developers and tech adopters, thus enabling accurate recommendations of companies or technologies or challenges; powerful machine learning techniques will be applied across all functions in WeSpline to enable the system to learn from the user interaction data that would be accumulated naturally as the system is being used, and self-improve its own performance for all the tasks overtime.”